E-Invoicing Conference 2024

22 okt. '24, 09:00–17:00BluePoint, Brussel,

The E-Invoicing Conference is the place where financial professionals meet and where all innovations in the field of financial and invoice automation are closely followed. This year, the theme is, of course, linked to mandatory E-Invoicing for Belgium from 1 January 2026. At the E-Invoicing Conference, you will be prepared for the upcoming legislation and can get more inspiration on further digitizing and optimizing financial processes and procurement activities within your organization!


In the last edition, the main question at the conference was: ‘When will E-Invoicing become mandatory for Belgium?’ By now, we know the answer to that question, which is exactly the theme of the next edition: Prepare for Belgium’s Mandatory E-Invoicing from 1 January 2026.

Legislation is increasing the pressure on organizations to start complying with it. In addition, it also offers (new) opportunities. After all, the e-invoice is part of a financial process. By looking at the organization through broader financial lenses, it may be possible to digitize and optimize even more.

Procurement and IT are two departments that are becoming increasingly interconnected these days. If processes are further aligned, such as between procurement and e-invoicing, there could be many benefits. Besides the legislation that is coming into effect in Belgium, more and more other countries are implementing regulations regarding invoicing. Being compliant is, therefore, an increasingly important topic.

In short, come to the E-Invoicing Conference to make your organization completely ‘Prepared for Belgium’s Mandatory E-Invoicing from 1 January 2026’! Besides being updated on the latest trends and developments, you will find the technical solutions you can invest in and connect with peers. Through our unique in-person meetings, you will get in touch with the conference partners offering solutions and products to help you move forward with e-invoicing. Finally, the E-Invoicing Awards 2024 will also be presented during the E-Invoicing Conference.