Cyber Resilience Conference 2024

18 jun. '24, 08:30–17:00DoubleTree by Hilton, Brussel,

In an era of escalating cyber threats, such as ransomware and unseen dangers from online conflicts like the war in Ukraine, the importance of cybersecurity for all organizations is paramount. European regulations, including GDPR, the NIS2 directive, the Cyber Resilience Act, and the Cyber Security Act, impose stricter requirements to ensure a more resilient society. These measures, along with the upcoming revision of the Trust Regulation, aim to create a more trusted and secure digital future for Europe and Belgium.


Given the number of cybersecurity threats – like ransomware…or worse, knowing what is happening unseen online in the context of the war in Ukraine – it is crystal clear that cybersecurity needs to be a topic at the top of every organisation’s agenda.

To ensure European (and therefore also Belgian) organisations truly take cybersecurity seriously, the regulator is pushing forward with ever clearer regulations to make sure we all build a more resilient society moving forward. The enforcement of GDPR is being taken ever more seriously, the NIS2 directive raises the bar for critical infrastructures and the Cyber Resilience Act should make our nation-states more resilient. The Cyber Security Act targets to allow European security services to be certified to provide a “trust mark” that organisations/citizens can rely on. The upcoming revision of the Trust Regulation targets a more trusted European Identity ecosystem. And rest assured, there is even more on the horizon!