Design for public services

23 okt. '23 — 1 dec. '23Online, vanaf910

Design for public services 6 weeks course

The role of the public sector is increasingly important in providing solutions to the biggest societal challenges, from the global scale to the neighbourhood. A variety of public interventions may take place, such as the implementation of public policies, the delivery of transactional services to citizens and businesses and the governance of public goods and shared resources. In a scenario characterised by high complexity, tight resources and increased public scrutiny, a specific set of skills is required for designers and policymakers to conceive services and systems that are effective and efficient in generating the intended impact while being inclusive and forward-looking.

This course provides the context, the mental models and the tools for designing services and solutions in public organisations. Through a unique approach, blending elements of service design, public policy studies, behavioural economics, and futures thinking, participants will gain the ability to bring citizen-centricity, experience logic, experimentation and contextual awareness in the process and the output of public intervention.

You will follow a series of lessons bundled in 6 chapters. Each Monday, the online lessons for that week are unlocked. Each Friday, you will join a live, interactive class of 1.5 hours, designed to further let you dive into designing for public services (recordings will be made available). Study the content, watch the videos, and do the exercises at your own pace. Because you start at the same time as your fellow participants, you will be able to discuss, exchange feedback, and work on exercises together. Learning with and from your peers is one of the guiding principles of our courses.

All lessons are online, and live sessions will take place via Zoom.

This course is worth 40 SDC study points. You will receive a certificate of completion.